About Us

Committed throughout the years to our country’s growth

About Us

Corporación Inveca, C.A.

Corporación Inveca, C.A. is an agro-industrial company focused on the production of snacks based on natural raw materials of the highest quality. Our capital is 100% Venezuelan, and we are committed to the economic and human development of the community, under the best standards of sustainable development.

For many years, we have been working on the continuous improvement of what we do and the impact that we can have in our community and country. We are motivated by the fact that we work to produce the best natural snacks, all based on values of quality, innovation, teamwork, and commitment to our collaborators, the community, and the environment.

Our History

1987. A family business is born

  • The Weill family begins the export of fresh fruits, purchasing, selecting, and preparing the load in the field, negotiating directly with the producers in Aragua’s (central northern venezuelan state) valleys, and establishing the European continent as a destination for exports to a greater extent.
  • The entire family was involved in the activities, so it is a company with many family values. The father was the promoter and precursor of the business, the mother was the commercial visionary, while the children Rolando, Roberto, and Rafael oversaw administration, sales, and operations, respectively.

1989. Marketing in the national market

  • With the growth of the business, a warehouse was acquired in Villa de Cura (central Venezuelan location) and began marketing in the national market. This had a significant increase in the size of the business.

1990-93. Plantains from El Vigía begin to be exported

  • The plantains from El Vigía are included in the company’s portfolio, a product that can be harvested throughout the year.
  • Fresh plantains were exported by plane to the USA and Spain.
  • In 1992, the company pioneered the export of products in refrigerated containers to Florida and New York.
  • In 1993, with the idea of vertically integrating the business and controlling first-hand the quality of the product, the acquisition of plantain-producing farms began.

1994. Entering the snacks business.

  • To take advantage of plantains being harvested all year round and part of our continuous vertical integration process, it was decided to build a plantain chip and other fruits snack manufacturing operation.
  • At the early stages of the production of plantain chips, private labels were manufactured to satisfy the needs of local and international snack food companies.

1995. The Iselitas brand is born

  • The Iselitas brand was created and named in honor of Mrs. Isela Gómez de Weill, businesswoman, wife, and mother of the company’s founder.
  • At first, it was only as an export brand to the North American market
  • In 1999, the commercialization of Iselitas began in Venezuela.

2004 / 2005. Development of new products

  • Iselitas became the first brand to market ripped plantain chips.
  • Iselitas creates and positions itself as the leader in the fried cassava chips segment, a leadership it maintains to this day.

2019. Exportations

  • Iselitas exports to Chile and the United States restart.
  • Innovation in packaging: Launch of PET presentations.

2020 until today. Innovation, expansion and sustained growth

  • New management leadership.
  • Solid presence in Caracas, Venezuela.
  • Launch of innovative cassava flavors: Cream & Onion and lemon.
  • Launch of lemon-flavored plantain chips.
  • Expansion to other regions of the country.
  • The new value brand Salseritos is born with resounding success, conquering the popular sectors of the Venezuelan market
  • Year after year we cover new regions, and a greater number of clients and win the palates and hearts of more and more consumers.
  • The vision is to strengthen our presence nationally and internationally and to continue the development of new high-quality natural snack products and brands.