Cassava Chips

Raw Material Selection

It consists of discarding the bitter cassava to process only the high-quality cassava.


Cassava selected from the field is weighed on a scale to record the total received for processing during the workday.


It is done manually using knives, the process consists of removing the peel from the pulp.


This consists of submerging the cassava in a tub of clean, fresh water, stirring, and removing any dirt or foreign material that appears after peeling the cassava.

Cutting and removing starch

The cut is made to produce round chips, using a state-of-the-art cutter. Then, the chips pass through a water tub to remove the natural starch of the product.has.


After the starch is removed, the chips enter the fryer using paddles to minimize sticking. During frying, rigorous control of the oil quality parameters and temperature ranges is maintained. Once this step is completed, the golden chips move onto a conveyor belt for the selection and subsequent processes.


It consists of applying the required flavorings in powdered form onto the chips that are just coming out from the fryer.


It consists of spreading the fried chips on a conveyor belt to manually remove those that are not suitable for packaging, such as oily, burnt, stuck, and broken chips.


The fried chips are packaged in different packages and weights using state-of-the-art digital packaging machines. They are then packaged in corrugated cardboard boxes.


All the manufactured products are placed in cardboard boxes on wooden pallets and moved to the warehouse area, where they are kept until shipped.

Shipping and distribution

The product is transported to different customers using carefully selected logistics systems.