Products and Services

Private label development

Our “all included” service involves:

Packaging design and development

Raw material selection


Packaging for thirds parties or brands

Moreover, we attend the logistical aspects necessary to take the end product to the final destination selected by the customer, whether it be a national or an international destination. In addition, we can develop new custom made (such as new flavors) related products to satisfy the specific needs of our customers.

Co-packing services

We offer the processes related to the manufacturing of snacks, including raw material selection, frying, and seasoning. Likewise, this service covers the packaging processes for the order, both in bulk and in packaging supplied by the client. The requested production batch can be picked up directly at our plant or, if the client wishes, we can send it to the final client destination at a national or international level.

Currently, we can produce a wide array of products:


Ripped Plantain



Sweet potato